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6 point Career Repositioning Process

Want to move from an employee position into consulting? Or from consulting to regular employment? Need a push to move to a better job within your current company? Or do you need a push to get yourself motivated to move into a different business segment than where your core experience is? You need our help. Here's the 6 point process that will leverage your skills into the right next step. Get this Career Advantage today.

LinkedIn profile

We'll craft a LinkedIn profile that will show up in searches where hiring managers are looking for either consultants or potential employees to hire. This process is part art and part science and has been developed over years as a Charter Member of LinkedIn and as beta tester for various LinkedIn features and functions.

Revised resume

We'll assess your key skills and craft a revised resume which presents and markets those skills objectively. Without the wasted space of marketing “fluff”, your new resume is easy to read and will attract the attention of the right people. We'll also repackage your transferable skills into language people will understand without all of the jargon of your current industry.

Proprietary Behavioral Interviewing tool

To enhance interview results, we will train you in Behavioral Interviewing techniques using our propriety tool. You will find that interviewers will respond more positively to answers that highlight your achievements and results using our methods and tool.

Market Assessment

We will develop and share information on current recruiting landscape and external job search tools which may enhance your process.

Target Assessment

We will research target organizations with you to help determine the fit with those organizations. We can often share knowledge about other recruiters who may be of assistance. Information on company cultures and organizational questions will assure better matching. We can sometimes provide referrals to functional hiring managers as available.


To enhance your success in your search for consulting or employment, we will provide ongoing coaching through your process. We have found that almost every candidate requires some specific interview preparation and information about specific companies that will enhance the process. Casual questions will be answered as well as sharing specific coaching tips throughout the process. Other resources we like will be shared, such as a great professional photographer we've used, as needed.


  • Computer Technology
  • Consumer Products
  • Financial Services
  • Life Sciences
  • Enterprise Software
  • Professional Services
  • DME & Medical Devices


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